carpe diem in Chinese
I shall pass through this world but once.  
If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, 
or any good thing I can do, 
let me do it now... 
for I shall not pass this way again.  
(Etienne de Grellet)

        曾共學  -  為緣份       NCE68 - Our Badge of  Honor

Home Page of  Northcote College of  Education Class of  '68.  


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(offered by Daisy Lam, 
Student Association President '68)


Section 1 - Membership:
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register as a member of the group, so you can search for contact information of your long lost classmates around the world! or click here to update your own record, or click here to
Access Our OpenBooks:  (Greetings, Journal and Chatroom),  or click here  The Activities Organizer to create/view/register for/view photos of  NCE68 Activities!  Need Help?  Click Support Team

Section 2  - Sharing Precious Moments:
2a.  Our Shining Moment: Here's to revisit our NCE68 Graduation Day - Click here   Nce68.jpg (323211 bytes)     Graduation Class List
Our Photo Albums One Day When We Were Young  &   As Time Goes By

2b.  Reflections - Quietly and naturally we all have arrived at the Age of Contentment. Let's pause to reflect on this stage of our life and try to enjoy it. When you can afford some quiet time for yourself, then settle down with a cup of tea, open the following presentations and enjoy!

           i)   "A Genius Says Goodbye" (6 minutes, sent in by Becky Wong, Sept. 2010). 
          ii)   "Contentment"
(10 minutes, worth it, discovered by Theresa Lui and submitted by Daisy Lam,  Jan. 2010).
                   Note: If you wish to read just the full text of the presentation, click here  Content.pdf 
          iii)  "獻給好朋友"
(2 minutes, sent in by Daisy Lam, Dec. 2009) Enjoy the sentiment and take action ! 

 Sec. 3  Calendar       Events    Additional Information
  Nov. 18 - Nov. 20, 2013 45th Anniversary Reunion celebrations: Dinner and Day Trip to Ocean Park. Details
  Sept 16, 2011 43rd Anniversary Celebration Dinner at Cosmopoliton Hotel in Hong Kong Photos
  Apr. 14, 2011 Welcome back Esther ( Chu ) Leung of  Alberta, Canada:
  Click to view more photos off site  
  Mar. 08, 2011 Honoring our Guests: Joseph & Helen Cheung:
   Click to view more photos off site  
  Oct. 29, 2010  Welcome back Leonor to Hong Kong!
   Click here to find out Who Is Who in the first group photo above.
  Oct 14, 2010  "Whew....John Bosco is coming to town next week !!!!!" (Rachel Yim, Vancouver).  
  Mini re-union in Richmond (near Vancouver), BC, Canada.
 How many NCE68/69 can you count?
Apr 27, 2010 A special luncheon in honor of Mr. S. L. Ho for being named Fellow of HK Institute of Education. nce1004Fellow.jpg (75298 bytes)     Details


Apr. 16, 2010 Brunch reunion near SFO for Johnny Woo (and Sylvia), Peter Zee, Theresa Zee and John Bosco.  Photos taken during a brief visit to John Bosco in Foster City, California.   nce1004JWb.JPG (179981 bytes)       nce1002JWa.JPG (940049 bytes) 
Jan. 08, 2010  Afternoon tea at Hong Kong Bistro in Mountain View, Ca,  USA  for John Bosco, Teresa Ng (NCE-69, Mrs. Zee) & Peter Zee. 

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Dec. 29, 2009     Mini re-union as a direct result of this website - Luncheon at the heart of Silicon Valley, Ca, USA. 
   (Esther Chu of Alberta, Canada, John Bosco of California & Poon Yan of California)

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Dec. 16,  2009   Official Launch of   NCE68  website  -  "Any time,  Any where"  !   (just search internet for  NCE68  !!!)
         Exploratory committee: Tao Man Lee, Daisy Lam, Daniel Cheung & John Bosco (Ho).
Nov. 3 - 18, 2009    Photos from Recent Activities in Hong Kong (the genesis of   NCE68  ) !
  (a) nce09111.JPG (253179 bytes)    nce09114.JPG (238381 bytes)    nce09113.JPG (251963 bytes)    nce09112.JPG (226471 bytes)  (b)  nce09115.JPG (256031 bytes)   (c) nce09116.JPG (263185 bytes)  (d)  nce09117.JPG (216551 bytes)    Photo groups: (a)  Karaoke at New Century Center. (b)  Aser But Art Exhibition in Macau. (c) NCE68 Luncheon. (d)  Re-union of Lawrence Law & John Bosco (and mutual friend Frank) after 40 years on the same beach!

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