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Every plant for sale here was propagated (by cuttings or division) by Bosco of  Bosco1 Home Gardening in Foster City, Ca, USA, just 10 miles south of  SFO.  He is a Lifetime member of National Home Gardening Club.  Contact Information.       *PP = Perfect Plant (an evergreen and fragrant plant e.g. Jasmine, Sarcococca ... )

Plant Id Common Name  Picture of plant (click to enlarge) Short Description, click More Info to view Cultural Info.
A1 Angel's Trumpet 
A semi evergreen bush/tree bearing large fragrant trumpets. More Info


B1 Blue Plumbago BluPluzi3.jpg (867482 bytes) A semi evergreen shrub or small tree with clusters of rare light blue small flowers.
B2 Bouvardia *PP bouvblms.jpg (38668 bytes) An evergreen bush/climber bearing clusters of small white fragrant starlet flowers (used in wedding bouquets). This is not Jasmine. More Info
B3 Butterfly Bush butrflyb1.jpg (80450 bytes) A semi deciduous bush or tree, fragrant blooms attract butterflies.
C1 Cape Honeysuckle caphonzi.jpg (40772 bytes) An evergreen shrub bearing small bright orange trumpets. Excellent for hedges. More Info
D1 Daylily 
(Stella D'Oro)
daylilydora.JPG (38477 bytes) Ever blooming long lasting yellow daylily.
F1 Fern 
(Sword Fern)
ferngrp1.JPG (40732 bytes) Evergreen and quiet in the shade and requires little care.
H1 Hawthorn An evergreen spiked shrub or small tree with clusters of small white flowers in the spring and red berries in the winter.  Helps to brighten up winter. And the birds like those berries.     hawthnblm.jpg (58336 bytes)
H2 Heavenly Bamboo hvnbmbgrp1.JPG (40939 bytes) Evergreen dwarf bamboo whose leaves change color with the seasons, giving while flowers followed by clumps of tiny red berries. 
H3 Hibiscuts Hibiscutzi1.jpg (88185 bytes) A semi deciduous bushy shrub or small tree covered with salmon pink blooms from summer to winter. 
H4 Hydrangea hydgpnkzi.jpg (38393 bytes) A deciduous shrub with balls of pink/blue blooms. May be cultivated to be a standard (upright small tree). 
L1 Life Plant Evergreen succulant, easy to take care.
M1 Marguerite Daisy mrgdasy.jpg (50875 bytes) A semi deciduous fast growing bush or small tree producing white daisies from spring to winter.
R1 Roses (Englis/Climber) A.  Old Englsih Rose bush (pink) with Victorian spice fragrance    
B.  Rose climber up to 10' tall (light blue) with strong fragrance
S1 Sweet Box  *PP (Sarcococca) Evergreen small growing bush with white small fragrant flowers and red berries in winter.
T1 Trumpet Vine trmptvinzi.JPG (32756 bytes) A strong vigorous growing vine producing red-purple or blue trumpets in late summer to winter.


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