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Every plant for sale here was propagated (by cuttings or division) by Bosco of  Bosco1 Home Gardening in Foster City, Ca, USA, just 10 miles south of  SFO.  He is a Lifetime member of National Home Gardening Club.  Contact Information.       *PP = Perfect Plant (an evergreen and fragrant plant e.g. Jasmine, Sarcococca ... )

Plant Id Common Name  Picture of plant (click to enlarge) Short Description, click More Info to view Cultural Info.
A1 Angel Trumpet 
A semi evergreen bush/tree bearing large fragrant trumpets. More Info


A2 Australian Double Hollyhock   A drough resistent bush/small tree with an abundance of pink flowers in summer. 
B1 Blue Plumbago BluPluzi3.jpg (867482 bytes) A semi evergreen shrub or small tree with clusters of rare light blue small flowers.
B2 Bouvardia *PP bouvblms.jpg (38668 bytes) An evergreen bush/hedge/climber bearing clusters of small white fragrant starlet flowers (used in wedding bouquets). This is not Jasmine. More Info
C1 Cape Honeysuckle caphonzi.jpg (40772 bytes) An evergreen shrub bearing small bright orange trumpets. Excellent for hedges. More Info
H3 Hibiscuts Hibiscutzi1.jpg (88185 bytes) A semi deciduous bushy shrub or small tree covered with salmon pink blooms from summer to winter. 
H4 Hydrangea hydgpnkzi.jpg (38393 bytes) A deciduous or semi-deciduous shrub with balls of pink/red/purple/orange blooms. May be cultivated to be a standard (upright small tree). 
L1 Lavender (Provence) Small bush (up to 3x3') with fragrant blusih florets on spikes, enjoyed frest or dried.
R1 Roses (Englis/Climber) A.  Old Englsih bush (pink) with Victorian spice fragrance    
B.  Rose climber up to 10' tall (light blue) with strong fragrance
S1 Sweet Box  *PP (Sarcococca) Evergreen small growing bush with white small fragrant flowers and red berries in winter.
W1 Weigela Florida Small bush or tree with varigated leaves and beautiful pink-white small flowers in springtime.
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